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(NB44) AS (Activity Stream) Manager

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13 hours ago, tragopan said:

- the breadcrumb is displayed twice

It's known bug.

13 hours ago, tragopan said:

- I can't configure as on the screenshots because I can't find the pages you show to do it

1. The settings. ACP - System - (NB44) AS Manager - Settings


2. Moderators permissionsACP - Members - Staff - Moderators. Click on any moderator. Click on (NB44) AS Manager



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@newbie LAC I think this is what I need - but not going to blow $25 if I am wrong.

I have members that want to not see certain feeds.

Can I set this up so that some people based on what group they are in will see forums A, B and C on all activity an maybe another person would see just A and C on all activity, but they still have access to B, it's just blocked ?

If this is the case, is it done on a primary group basis or can you do it on a secondary group ?

Thank you.

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