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Prevention of adding to secondary groups


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Hi everyone,

Following on from my last few threads about members adding themselves to groups, is there a way I can prevent members from being added to groups?

For example, if a member is banned they’re added to the banned group where they cannot access the site. But the system still allows me to add then to secondary groups. 

I would’ve thought that disabling group promotions would stop this, but it only stops primary group changes. 

If anyone has any suggestions/guidance as to accomplish this, I would be extremely grateful. 

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I’m using the 3rd party plugin automation rules. Whenever I run the custom action, it automatically adds members to a specified secondary group. In this case, anyone who has a dormant account - hasn’t visited in 3 months, or is stepping away for a while, are added to the inactive group. (Still haven’t worked out how to stop bulk emails going to them).

I have rules In place to prevent admins from being added to the inactive group....

Oh, I am so stupid. I should add the “banned” group to the list of “protected” groups so they are excluded from the “add to inactive group” rule. 

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