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Help! Excessive (and pointless?) GoogleBot searches


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Our forum is receiving a large number of forum search requests from 66.249.73.* (apparently GoogleBot) every 1-2 seconds, for example:


This appears to be foreign. The above search decoded is:


Translated, this is:

Gimhae Foreigners [K Talk: + M + o46] {Mss41.c0M} Call Girl Meet Call Girl ↼Heaven business massage ⇄Gimhae


It appears we are being targeted via a spammer, strangely via GoogleBot. I assume the spammers are issuing these searches via Google somehow, in an attempt to get those searches on our forum indexed, so they appear on Google.

Does anyone know how to prevent this? It is causing big performance problems, and we obviously do not want to block GoogleBot from our forum.

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