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Hyperlink Popup - coding help


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Any clue guys, how to code a popup that opens by clicking on a hyperlink?

We have an important question that we just like to display in registration page in form of a link and when someone click on that link, it should open a popup showing the answer, so that reader can read and close the popup and still stay on the same page.

Hope it's possible. Thanks in advance.

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Just now, Gauravk said:

Thanks @Daniel F for quick and perfect help. Much appreciate it.

Just a small issue, that in desktop its loading a popup too wide, can we control its width size only for desktop? On mobile it's perfect.

It's mentioned in the docs;)


(String; optional)

If provided, will set a special class on the dialog designed to change its size. Currently, narrow, mediumwide and fullscreen are supported as values for this option. If not provided, the default dialog width will be used (defined in CSS).


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