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Sitemap not working correct for large sites? Missed topics?

Fast Lane!

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Does anyone else see this?  I submitted a support request as well.

Hi, when I take a look at my master sitemap "topics" entries, there appears to be only 510'ish topics listed per parent entry.  There is a new parent entry created every 7 days exactly with no recent topics included, after that date.  From what I can tell topics are not included until every 7 days (so the sitemap may be out of date by up to 6 days).  This seems odd or is a bug since we have more like 600+ topics a week (~90 a day).  This must mean some topics are not being included?  See below for an example, or at least my logic.


https://www.**witheld**.com/sitemap.php?file=sitemap_content_forums_Topic_1185 (updated 8/28, 507 entries)

https://www.**witheld**.com/sitemap.php?file=sitemap_content_forums_Topic_1184 (updated 9/04, 508 entries)

https://www.**witheld**.com/sitemap.php?file=sitemap_content_forums_Topic_1183 (updated 9/11, 512 entries)

https://www.**witheld**.com/sitemap.php?file=sitemap_content_forums_Topic_1182 (updated 9/18, 508 entries)

If you take a look at the latest entry, there are no topics included in the sitemap for the last 3 days (today is the 22nd and the last entry was the 18th).  There also appears to be maybe 20 topics listed per day versus in reality we have ~90 topics a day).

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