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Reported Items Count on Header Icon?

Pupper Puppet

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Morning y'all!

Apparently the reported content icon at the top of the forum front end is supposed to show a count of reported items, when there are some, similar to the notifications icon showing when there's followed content viewed or the private message icon telling us how many PMs we have unread.  I say "apparently" because I've never seen it happen.  I'm only aware of this because I recently elevated someone from moderator to admin status, and she said after her role changed she stopped seeing the report count.

After she brought it up, moderators have chimed in to say they still see the count.  I initially thought it might be a permission issue, but my account has all permissions.

Any ideas why admins wouldn't see the count?


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On 9/20/2019 at 9:53 AM, Pupper Puppet said:

Hmm.  Not a fix, unfortunately.  I enabled all moderator notifications in ACP and in my personal profile, pushed that notification setting to all users, and then reported three different items as a test.  The reports hit the queue, but the notification icon never showed a count.

If you can verify the bug on your board, please submit a ticket to IPS Support.  Make sure you're running the latest version of the suite.

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