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Can a member add themselves to a group?


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Hi everyone,

I have a quick question, but I don't know where to actually put it.

We have a number of members in our community that are no longer active, but it has been our policy to never delete members unless they specifically request it.

Is it possible to allow a member to add themselves to an "Inactive" group if they know they aren't going to be active for a while? If it is, how do I set this up?

I'd like to set it so if someone is a member of the inactive group, that they don't receive bulk emails, nor do they receive notifications regarding any thread/post updates that they may have subscribed to.

Is this possible?


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1 hour ago, LoPoSt said:

With this application, you can automate moving to a specific group.


I already use this developers products, but I was hoping there was a way we could give our members some responsibility. 

Going to be setting up automation for dormant accounts with no activity for 3 months or more. 

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After looking at that link, it tells me that the 3rd party app is not available for purchase. Am assuming it is being fixed to work with new versions of the software.

Would be nice if I could action the rule by clicking a button instead of waiting for some activity to happen. 

I even tried the group promotion within the members section, but that doesn't seem to work either.

Don't really want to have to manually move things around.

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Hmmmm... I just noticed that a custom data field I used to have that admin staff could toggle to add a member to a particular group no longer works. This data field was generated using the above mod. 

I'm guessing some changes in the base code has rendered this mod no longer usable. Such a pity, as this probably would've done the trick...

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I don't want to stop you from pursuing your primary goal if it's critically important to you, but here are some things to think about: 

1. Inactive or dormant members don't "waste" anything.  They still exist database, regardless of what group you assign them into so you don't save or improve anything on the technical side.  

2. By moving them to a group where they will never be notified again, you lose out on any re-engagement opportunity down the road.  Even just getting a handful of members back through regular and recurring notifications can increase your core userbase over time.  

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