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SSO Many WP to One IPS


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Dear Community,

I have Wordpress SSO needs. I would appreciate guidance on the best way to proceed, as in whether I need a plugin or SSO support from IPS.

Need 1 (the most important):

I have an IPS board. I have several external organizations on Wordpress who would like to use my IPS platform as their forum platform. To accomplish this, I need to offer them (multiple WP sites) the ability to SSO with my IPS. Ideally, my IPS board would import their users and grant them SSO access to the IPS community. Remember, it’s several different Wordpress installs synching their users and logins with my single IPS board.

Need 2 (less important):

I would like to include selected forums on their IPS sites. The best option I can think of is to use RSS. They include and see the feed on their Wordpress site, and then their users click on the selected topic and get brought back to my IPS platform. Best option? Other ideas?

Thanks all!

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1,  OAuth is going to be the best way to do this. (see Option A here: https://invisioncommunity.com/4guides/how-to-use-ips-community-suite/social-sign-in/43-and-above/wordpress-r304/ )

You would have a different button on the login form for each site that your visitors have the option of logging in via.


2, Pages includes an 'external blocks' feature that you can use to embed custom blocks in external websites: 


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