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☄️ What's new in the template ☄️



Update introduced at the customer's request @Priyesh

  • Added 4 options to choose the arrangement of elements on the head (Search engine on the left, Logo in the middle, User panel on the right).
  • Added the option to disable social list in the header.
  • Fixed a bug in the user panel.





  • The ability to change container width has been added.
  • The ability to change Transition time has been added


  • Fix white elements on Two Factor Authentication.
  • The ability to enable gradient and glow in buttons has been added.




  • The ability to change the background of the selected category forums has been added.




  • New tab with calendar colors
  • Sticky color change added


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☄️ What's new in the template ☄️


Update introduced at the customer's request @Priyesh

  • Added the ability to change the height, width and border-radius of the avatar in the topbar user profile option in the Header.
  • Added option to include icons in posts option in the Post & Topic.




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5 hours ago, YouTheme.net said:

☄️ What's new in the template ☄️


Update introduced at the customer's request @Priyesh

  • Added ability to import font from google fonts in the "Text" tab.


Thank you @YouTheme.net for such an awesome update. But how we can increase body font size? Font size became much smaller now than default.

Edited by Priyesh
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On 11/12/2019 at 7:50 PM, Priyesh said:


OK. I will be anxiously waiting this next update.  bored over it GIF

It will become one of the most flexible and ultimate theme ever. I am glad to be a part in development process of such an awesome theme.

I added font sizes, I hope it will work for you.


☄️ What's new in the template ☄️


Update introduced at the customer's request @Priyesh & @RedRover61

  • Added "Body Font-Size" to the "Text" tab.
  • "Medium Font-Size" added to the "Text" tab.
  • Added "Category description Font-Size" to the "Forum nodes" tab.
  • Added "Font-Size Subforum" to the "Forum nodes" tab.
  • Fixed Slider E.


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☄️ What's new in the template ☄️


Update introduced at the customer's request @pr0chu

  • The code icon was rebuilt and repaired.
  • 1593415788_2019-11-2610_09_14-Window.thumb.png.ff4af4c84525659239cab23758630fd4.png
  • Avatar of recent posts has been fixed.
  • Position of icons in topics has been fixed.


22 hours ago, Bluto said:

Any Black Friday discount?

I am not going to attend Black Friday.

People who had previously bought the template would be harmed.

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