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Custom announcement message with close button


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I was looking here https://invisioncommunity.com/4guides/themes-and-customizations/css-framework/messages-r95/ at using the message code but i need a close button as well. How can i add a close button like the built in announcements that remembers the user closed that notice?

I can see that this will create announcement bar with a close button but does not remember the user has clicked close. 

<div class="cAnnouncements cAnnouncementsFloat" data-controller="core.front.core.announcementBanner" style="z-index: 5050;">
	<div class="cAnnouncementPageTop ipsJS_hide ipsMessage ipsMessage_information" data-announcementid="24" style="display: block;">

		<a href="#" data-role="dismissAnnouncement">×</a>

I would use the normal system but i want to display the current users username in the announcement title with {member="name"} but it doesn't show in a normal announcement so i need to custom code it in i guess. 

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