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How to set related db as a title in db?


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Im not sure is this right subforum, but I will try:

I know this is out of scope of usual usage, but we are closer to make it work, and maybe you give some clues.


Our dev (Wojtek) made a new test DB which is copy of current Opinions base. He set at xml field Model (which is related db) as title, and it... works!  (it show field type: address, not a related db but its detail). So it can work for sure....


We have problem now to - find this xml (we don't see it on ftp), and upload it for non test db. Maybe you can help where is is stored?

We can of course make an new db and upload this xml (there is only option for this when you create a new db), but after this we will have problem with our data - how to copy old data from old db, into new one?


I know, this is not normal use of ips pages, but it works on test db, so it also can work on production db for sure :) We only must transfer somehow this method, and hope you can give us some clues.

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