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I would like to see the following in Groups.

1. A Club should be a mini website
2. When you make a Club a can make forums but you get them as tabs but i want to have a Forum tab and the group owner can make categories and forum into the category just like the normal system.
3. This system should also work for Gallery, Downloads etc etc
4. When a store is made it should function like a store in a store concept, you should be able to collect rent when they use the store option.
5. There should be a ClubCP where Club owners can control there group.
6. AdminCP should be able to grant permission per Club if they can use forum, gallery, ip.pages etc.

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I like how you are thinking...

I currently notice that there is no way to recirculate Topics / Posts side boxes with only Topics and Posts FROM THAT CLUB. 

Instead the topics and posts boxes recirculate from the entire website which is no good for someone starting their own club topic.

Satanists do not want to read Christian love poetry for example. (Please allow for SEPARATE clubs that act as SEPARATE clubs (groups).... and while we are at it... can we just call them groups?

Clubs is a hokey term which makes a user think three times... Do I really want to start a "club"?  I just want to start a "group"..... Like a "group" on Facebook.

Fewer people would start groups on Facebook if they were called Clubs. Sounds too "official" or something.

I think originally IPS told me to just buy a different URL for every "group" I wanted to start which I can understand. 

But in today's world of niche sites getting so little traffic..... and ads paying so little.....while forum usage slips lower every year.....

they need to start allowing us "admins" to great ever larger sites with massive traffic.... which means "GROUPS"..... 

Islamic people in their group aren't going to want to read about the latest news concerning Jesus.


p.s. - Did I mention language groups? What if I have a greek group?  would they want to see Russian posts?


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