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How do I determin what group someone goes into?


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Currently on my site when you register for free,  You become a Member.  How do I change that.  If someone registers for free I do not want them to have the full privileges of a member.  I have a member group called Registered Guest that has more privileges than a guest but not the full privileges as a member.

Thank you.

Jeff (Too many options confuse me) Thompson

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You have to set that in the config file.  Open conf_global.php and add / change:

'member_group' => '29',

Change the member group to the group id of the group you created - group you want to use.  This will be the initial group they are signed up into.  Once they are in that group, you can use group promotions to move them into different groups depending on what you want (number of posts, time on site, signup date, etc).

Hope this helps!


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12 minutes ago, CaptJeff said:

I believe that is the answer I was looking for.

Next issue.

Where do I find this config file?

Are you self hosted customer ? ( host forum on own server/hosting account) if so need use ftp or file manager and go to your public_html or www folder and see config file is install there or if used different location go there.

If cloud customer this where ips have install on there server and don't have access to the files then this will not work.

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OK..  I ran into my next stubmling block.  How do I tell what number a group is?  I see Members, and Guests and so on.  Where does the number come in?  What number is a Student Member and a Coach member and so on?  Where do I find the assigned numbers.  It is not on my groups page.


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If you go to the settings for the group you want, you'll see the ID in the URL.


In this case, 6 is the ID. In conf_global.php, you would replace this:

'member_group' => 3,


'member_group' => 6,

Remember to keep the trailing comma in place. 

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