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Adding members to a goup from the group?


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Is there a way to add members to a group from the group?

Example: I create a new group and I would like to now add members to that group. That would make it much easier to populate the group with members other then editing the members one by one and adding the group there. I know this from most user management systems, but I don't see the option in IPS.

Am I missing something or is this not available (yet)?

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Thank you Daniel.

While this is a option to do this for tasks with a specific logic, I'm trying to add members to groups that may not follow that logic.

For example we want to create a moderator group for a forum section and add 10 or so specific people to that new moderator group. Doing this from the user is very time consuming and introduces extra wear and tear on the mouse button. 😉 So I was looking for a better way as I know it possible form other systems.

If that function does not exist, would you consider adding it to an upcoming release?


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