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Editor "Source" button


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1 hour ago, Genestoy said:

I need to remove the editor "Source" button and don 't see it in the editor customization panel? Anyone kn ow how to remove it in 4.4.6?


1 hour ago, Joy Rex said:

I believe the source button only shows to users that have the ability to post HTML (as the Source button allows editing of the actual HTML source of their posted message)

Edit your group on ACP and disable HTML posting in Content tab. 

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28 minutes ago, Adriano Faria said:

Yes, wrong tab. 

If the group setting Can post HTML? Is disabled in your group and you still see the source button, then you probably should submit a ticket. 

No, it is working just fine as I was looking at it as the admin, when I login as a user it does not show, so all is good!

While I got you Adriano, love the way you did the buttons for 4.4 on the "Manage Validating Members" app as that is exactly the way I modified your earlier version to look.

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