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How to force members to reaccept the new rules ?


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@Durango - when you do this, could you report back if you have an issue with the new terms popup modal page keeps refreshing, preventing users from clicking "Accept" because the page reloads too quickly (ProTip: Cancel the page load before it has a chance to refresh and you'll be able to scroll down and click Accept)?

I recently had this happen (I changed the terms, the app asked me if I wanted to force users to accept new terms, and when I did, the above issue happened). IPS and I spent quite some time troubleshooting the issue, but never found a cause/resolution.

I'm curious if it happens to you as well (hopefully not)!

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13 hours ago, Daniel F said:

I guess you mean the registration terms? If yes, once you change them in the ACP, you're being asked if you want to force your members to reaccept them.


Cool option! I think I included in the original rules or terms that I may update them from time to time, will post a topic or announcement about it, and that members automatically agree to the updated rule(s)/terms if they continue to use the site. But I like this option for documenting every member's acceptance if I make a change that's a big deal. Can always use the ACP feature to log out all members which forces them to log back in.

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