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So if I understand your request - you want the forum description to be an image instead of text (I am going to assume this image will have text in it describing the forum)?

While I suppose that is possible, it wouldn't be good from a search engine aspect as text in images isn't searchable. You'd also have to consider how this image will look on multiple devices (desktop, tablet, mobile) - it might become illegible or not conform to the screen size.

As for how to do it, you'd have to hide the element that contained the forum description text, and in place of the text show an image as a CSS background image and make sure the container dimensions were big enough to show the image (again, you're going to run into responsiveness issues).

As for using images for post counts - so instead of a number, an image of some sort?

Same issues above apply, plus this image would have to be generated for it to represent a value (e.g., a banana for every 10 posts so 30 posts would equal three banana images). 

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Im looking to bascially enable grid forums just for a specific subforum area of a category. each forum in the grid having its own image.


Or if i can have someone explain to me how to create a custom area inbetween categories so i can put custom html ? that would also be a solution

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