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[PAID] Create a plugin or app to inject an email header


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We'd like to commission a plugin/app.

The plugin/app would provide a way to inject an envelope header in each transactional mail.

Since we're sending transactional mails via external service, for several systems (dev, stage, production), we'd like a way to allow the service to delineate and track different emails.

We need to add headers to the envelope like:

X-GroupName: XXXXXX
X-Production: XXXXX

where XXXX is an alphanumeric string.

We want to specify the header key and value.

It would be fine to add 1 or more headers to ALL transactional emails, but even better to allow fine grained approach adding a header to each email template (via variable).

Please contact me if interested. Thanks!


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Here are some additional details:

We're trying to better track transactional mail.
We want to add 1-4 header elements to the email envelope.
We use Campaign Monitor for transactional mail. Here is their explanation of a tracking mechanism:

Add header item to track the server used:
The first thing to track could be the machine from which it was sent, Staging or Production.
We could add to the System > Email Settings screen to add the Header Item Name:Value

Create a section in System > Email Settings after Advanced, called Additional Options.
Add a key/value repeating field.

For example: KEY: X-Cmail-GroupName  and VALUE: STAGING
would add the item "X-Cmail-GroupName: STAGING" to all outgoing transactional mails

Add header item to track the email type sent:
In Customization > Appearance > Emails we could track the mail template type being used by injecting a email header item from the template.

Similar to the email template calls like this one:

{expression="$email->language->addToStack( 'monitor_email_intro', FALSE, array( 'sprintf' => \IPS\Settings::i()->board_name ) )"}

allow us to add the email header item directly from the template:

{expression="$email->header->addToStack( 'add_email_header', 'X-Cmail-GroupName: Monitoring Email')"}


In either case above, the email header envelope has then items like this:

Delivered-To: user@domain.com
Received: by 2002:a05:6638:41e:0...
X-Received: by 2002:a62:...
X-Mailer: Create Send
X-Complaints-To: abuse@cmail19.com
X-Cmail-GroupName: STAGING
... MAIL BODY is here...


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