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Having recently moved to IPS I was wanting to send a Newsletter out to my 12,000 registered users about the extra benefits to them in using IPS.

Now naturally after many years the site has been operating many of those 12,000 user's email addresses are invalid so I would expect many undeliverable responses. This I could handle and in fact is good so I can clean out my user base, however after a couple of emails that are sent to the same ISP to now defunct email addresses, the ISP bans any further emails from me, irrespective of whether they are valid addresses or not.

For example if I send out 100 emails in a batch, 30 of them are to email addresses with the same ISP, say the first 5 are to valid addresses, they are delivered but then say the next 3 are to invalid addresses, the remaining 22 emails are bounced back and not delivered even if say 20 of them have valid addresses.

Any suggestions on how I can get around this

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Use a service to check your emails.  Export out a list of your emails and use a service like this:  https://verify-email.org/register/levels.html there are many services out there.  For the service I mentioned it is $25 for 20K emails which should take care of you.

Research the services, as I haven't used the one I referenced, you might want to pick another one.

Here are some others.




You might also want to get this plugin, https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/9289-%F0%9F%93%A7-block-disposable-e-mails/ which will block disposable emails so people don't signup with disposable emails and then you take the hit later when the email is bad.


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