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I agree, it should be part of IPS.

For those unaware, Google Tag Manager requires code in HEAD and a noscript tag in BODY (immediately after the body tag).

Most big boards use Tag Manager. I've seen a lot of smaller boards using Tag Manager.

(Google Analytics is part of Tag Manager. If you have an Analytics account than you have access to Tag Manager.)

Tag Manager is the BETTER option as it provides admins with more tools without the need to add more code to the site.
 eg. event tracking, conversions, remarketing, facebook pixel, etc

I use Tag Manager for a number of things.

It allows me to modify how a Bounce is counted in Analytics. 

Analytics now counts a bounce if USER leaves the page quickly (less than 1 minute). If more than 1 minute it doesn't count as a bounce.

So instead of seeing bounce rates as high as 70% I see 10-29% bounce rates. This metric is now more useful to me.

Why the change?

Because most Users land on a page from Google or some other channel just to read the content on the page. Once they finish reading - they EXIT. 

It's only a problem if the content doesn't grab their attention. If they spend more than 1 minute on the page I know that they are actually reading (consuming information). This is a good thing. It tells me they are likely to come back.

Now, when I see a high bounce rate I know the contents of the page needs attention, shouldn't be promoted, etc.

eg. I use Bounce Rate to tell me if my homepage layout is working. At 10% Bounce rate with millions of sessions per week, I can say with confidence that it is.

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