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Hey so I have been seeing these types of staff ranks in other communites and I would really liked it added to my own one. Is there a plugin for this or does it need to be custom scripted? 




Thanks for any help! 

Also sorry if I posted this on the wrong part of the forum! 

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17 minutes ago, The Heff said:

They're images and you can add them to a rank or group:






Hello, thanks for the response! Unfortunately when I do that way it only adds it to the sidebar on the profile, what I want is to add it at the top under the name. 


Blue area where I want it to show.



Here is where it's currently showing



Might be doing something wrong but I'm not entirely sure. 

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 @Joel R  is correct. You can do this through custom formatting. When editing the group you can either add that into the prefix/suffix fields or you can create a class and add the before and after in the CSS.

It it really depends on what you’re more comfortable with.

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