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Seeing Odd Broken Images at Bottom of Forum Index

Joy Rex

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I'm seeing a broken image icon at the bottom left corner of my forum - at first I thought it was a Chrome extension, but I see it too in Firefox/Edge. In Chrome's Developer Tools I see the following:


Specifically the two img tags and the iframe - did some ads get maliciously added to my site somehow? I use Google Analytics and Viglink, but Viglink I only use the link monetization.

I just checked Firefox again, and now this is appearing in the console:



Are IPS theme/addon makers allowed to put link monetization/tracking in their code? I'm wondering if this is coming from a recently added addon...

Any ideas as to what could be causing this is greatly appreciated!

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Contact Viglink support, this is an issue on their end. It is happening on other sites. If you disable Viglink you will see the broken 1x1 pixel images disappear. They were purchased by Sovrn, and it seems their new owners have been making changes.

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