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hi, I thought we had access to all FA icons. Is that not the case? None of the sports ones work for me, such as 'fas fa baseball-ball'. I was really counting on using those sports icons in my app. They are listed as free, but I assume I can't do anything on my own to have them work, since I am selling the app? Was really counting on them because otherwise I'll have to use some generic non-sports icon for a sports app.

edit: it says free ones can be sued for free, even for commercial use... but I am not sure what I need to do to get those working.

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18 minutes ago, Nathan Explosion said:

IPS supports FA4, not FA5, at present.

Thanks. I didn't notice they were FA5. 😞 A shame because they would have fit so nicely and now really all I can do is use some generic non-sports icon for every row. I felt like the rows need some kind of imagery, so I'l have to use something. Maybe I can find a FA4 one that is somewhat similar to sports at least.

edit: hmm I think there are at least some fa4 ones that are sports. I see some soccer ball.

edit2: so much for that, I think that was about the "only" FA4 sports one. lol. Oh well, I am going to use a trophy one for all, which I hate to do because that is probably one I will use on my tournaments app, too, so would be better to find a different one for this app...

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