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Securing a sub-forum with a password or other opt-in method.

David Borneman

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Hi Guys,


So... about a year or so ago we upgraded our forum (finally!) from a very very old version of IPB (10 years old or so), to the latest. In the old version we had a forum that we call Purgatory. We would send people there if they got suspended from posting in the public area or for just being a dick, rather than outright banning them. To prevent people from seeing the content in Purgatory (and the sub-forums under it) we password protected it and made the password public, allowing just about anyone to opt-in to viewing the content in there if they wanted. This also prevented people who had not typed in the password from seeing that content in the activity feed (tho it had a different name in the old version). 

Now, after the upgrade I see no password option anywhere that I can see, and now everyone can see everything from that area in their activity feed. The politics and Religion sections are particularly problematic, and I need a way to hide that section from people that do not opt in somehow.... I do not care how that is done, it just needs to be done. 

Any ideas how we can accomplish that with the latest version of IPB?



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That's interesting... I still do not see that. Ill start digging. Thanks!

Still not showing up for me. Perhaps I have a setting changed somewhere? Here is what I see...


Perhaps because its a category? (Just noticed that as I am posting this. Will research that, but still need it to cover this whole category)


Crap, ok sure enough, its because its a category. 

This gives me a way anyway... will just have to set it on all the sub-forums... but that will work. Thanks for the kick in the right direction. 

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