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Users ignore pinned/favorite threads - suggested solution


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It's very typical for users to ignore pinned and favorite threads, because across the Internet 99% of them are used for stuff like forum rules no one want to read.

I find if I pin a thread I get LESS engagement than a regular thread. And because everyone ignores pinned threads, there is no way for an admin to truly call attention to a thread they would like everyone to notice. I think it would be very useful if admins/moderators (ONLY) had a way to change font color and also format font bold on regular threads. Please see attachment example.

Or perhaps this is already possible somehow and I don't know it? Also, if there is an alternative anyone can suggest that can be used with hosted Invision, I'm all ears.

Yes, I realize users may then start to ignore this as well, but it's harder to ignore, and if the admin minimizes using it, it will actually work great.

Thanks for considering.


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I know my email client (Mac OS X Mail app) allows me to set a Rule for how to display email from certain addresses. For example, mail from one of the many email addresses that apple uses is set to color the background light blue for messages in the index. This allows Apple's messages to stand out in the lists.

IPS could implement something similar to this in the content index pages to highlight rows from certain members/groups like you are suggesting. I noticed that replies from @Matt are highlighted in certain pages where Matt chooses to reply so highlighting index rows based on the content author is certainly an enhancement that would fit well in IPS4.

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