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Connections to external websites are not working


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A few hours ago, after a "Something isn't working correctly" on my site, I received the following message.
"Connections to external websites are not working. This can cause problems with third party services. You should contact your hosting provider to ask for this problem to be resolved.
After a few minutes I repeated the "Something isn't working correctly". The result is the same.
Following a recommendation I contacted my host company.
This issue was repeated several times. After 15 minutes, there was no issue.
At the same time, the site functions normally without issues.
From my host they contacted me in half an hour, ie. when everything works fine. They find no issues.
There is no information saved in the error logs and system logs.
So far I have not received such a message, and creating a ticket support does not make sense, since this issue I do not know how to imitate. For more than 3 hours, every "Something isn't working correctly" has no issue.
Has anyone had such a issue and what could be the reason?

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That step of the support tool attempts to contact a page we host simply to check that your server can make an outbound connection to us. Possibly when you made this test there was trouble on our end, or your IP was temporarily blocked, or any number of other possibilities that are hard to be certain of now/after the fact.

If it is working presently, I wouldn't worry too much about it now.

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