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(Idea) Online Status Indicator in threads


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I am surprised to see a simple online status indicator (a fairly standard forum feature in my opinion/experience) is not part of the core IPS software, especially given that it would likely be quite easy to bundle in given there is already functionality elsewhere to see when a user is online.

I realise there is a free plugin for this - which actually seems to work perfectly - but it has not been updated for a few versions and it doesn't seem like there are plans to do so.


I also found another paid plugin which seemed to do a similar thing, but with all these extra plugins comes more cost, more maintenance, more updates, more uncertainty about future versions etc. It would surely be much better as a standard setting in IPS where a little light/dot next to a username or avatar can show someone is currently online.

The plugin was clearly very highly used based on its stats, so I don't think I'm alone in wanting this without needing further plugins. 

Thanks a lot.


(PS. Apologies for the idea spree - last one I promise).

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True, although I would still like to see something similar to the plugins above where you can see who's online when browsing a thread, without looking at each user's profile (or loading their individual member cards). 

The glowing ring around the avatar is actually really nice in the free plugin. 

It works great for now, but I am just worried as the plugin hasn't been updated since 4.2, which is why it would be great to see this included as a standard option in IPS in my opinion.

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