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(Idea) Adult/High-Risk Payment Gateway Integration


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Firstly, having used IPS in the past with the standard mainstream payment gateways, I just want to say thanks for creating such a great, seamless experience for users when paying. 

Unfortunately, I am sure there are a fair few of us who run sites deemed too high-risk by the likes of PayPal and Stripe (and it is far more than just hardcore adult sites that fall into this category).

I realise this may be a long-shot, but I just wanted to throw out there a request for integration with a 'high-risk' payment processor, such as CCBIll (or any other processor that accepts a wider range of sites).

I am aware there is currently a third party plugin for $500 for partial ccbill integration, but for a more hobby-based site this is a large upfront fee, and it does not appear to work seamlessly with commerce features in the same way paypal/stripe would (no payout options to members etc). Your entire site's revenue being dependant on a third-party add-on is also quite risky in itself, so the idea of IPS supporting something like this in its core functionality would be incredible for many of us. (This is certainly not a criticism of the developers working on third party plugins, just a desire to see IPS offer their own version). 

I realise the fundamental problem here is not to do with IPS, but instead the way all high-risk niches are lumped in together regardless of a site's track record or specific usage case. However, we have to work with what we've got, and there are some payment processors that do allow a broader range of sites and communities to accept payments. My (wishful) request is for one of these high-risk payment processors to seamlessly work with IPS in the same way stripe and paypal do. 

I think there are a surprising number of people who can't use the standard payment processors due to their restrictions. I just wanted to make this thread as it might sound like quite an obscure need, but 'high risk' includes things like virtual game currencies, fantasy sports league prizes etc -  the amount of communities that would benefit from the inclusion of this type of payment gateway would be huge. Whilst it would be a big win for site owners like myself, it would hopefully be a win for IPS too in terms of attracting new customers to their commerce package. I already know of two other website owners would purchase an IPS license if this type of integration was included.


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