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(Idea) Reactions - more customisation


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I'd love to see the reactions featured expanded to include:

  • Reactions based on permissions - only certain users can use certain reactions
  • Different reputation point values for different reactions (not just +1 or -1, but +2 for example)
  • Reaction reports  - flag how much user X has reacted to user Y or what percent of user X's reactions are from user Y (to prevent reaction 'spam'/abuse) 

Just a few ideas that would help add an extra dimension to reactions in our community, which are a hugely popular feature. I realise for some sites these would be overkill, but I'm sure for others they could be a very welcome addition, especially as I imagine the first 2 wouldn't be too complex to add. 

Thanks a lot.

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10 minutes ago, SammyS said:



Thanks. Certainly looks like it could be a good temporary solution, and I appreciate the developer's work on it.

Having said that, the comments suggest it's quite buggy and lacking a very key feature (the 'premium reactions' concept the first reviewer refers to), and the execution of it (e.g. giving users an error message rather than just not showing them the reaction) certainly isn't quite how I'd hoped it would be.

I realise I'm being very picky here (and perhaps a little wary about having to rely on yet another add-on that has mixed feedback and infrequent updates), but I still maintain that improved reaction control would be brilliant as a core feature in IPS. I think a lot of people would use it. 

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1 hour ago, Rick Vasquez said:

I'm actually looking for something very similar to OP, but my community was used to vbulletin and the ability to also leave comments on reactions. I wanted to see if there was a plugin or what the best way for me to build something that does that. 

Interesting! Leave a comment on a reaction? What is the purpose of that 😅

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