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Question about Pages and Databases

Adam Moore

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I've been experimenting with pages and databases and have a few questions. I've searched the forums and the help sections, but I couldn't really figure out what I need to do. I'm setting up a web site that will have different sections that use databases.


Here's an example of what I've done so far.

I created a Contacts page that holds a contacts database and has required fields for phone numbers and names.

I created a Help page that holds a help database and has different required fields for URLs and downloads.


Is this structured correctly? If it is, then how do I create a page that has links to both the Contacts page and Help page?


Like this:

Resources Page

      Contacts (Link to the Contacts Page that has the contacts database)

      Help (Link to the Help Page that has the help database)


I'm at a loss on the best way to do this.

Is there some way to create a database with categories or records that link directly to other pages?

Is there a plugin that does something like this? I checked out SuperGrid, but it seems to be per page/database unless I'm missing something.

Do I create a custom page, theme it, and manually add all the links?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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