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Remove or hide category title

Black Tiger

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Is there a way to remove or hide the category title?

On my friends forum they would like to use images instead of titles. This works now when the images are centered. Unfortunately he wants them left-sided but the category title is there.

We could maybe choose to cover the title with the image. But we're just curious if there's also a way to hide the title.

FYI I don't know any css and if anything need changing we don't want to change core files, only custom.css if really needed.


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Since you make mods you really amaze me with your reply.

As a coder, you should know that a page title=a page title (so no category title), breadcrumbs are something even totally different.

The only category titles exist in forums, downloads and stuff. So if I say from forums, there is only 1 kind of category title existing as far as I know.

So these are category titles, there are no other, or otherwise I would be very curious of what could be a "category title" on a page title when I say "forums ofcourse":


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