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Clubs Organization

Hunter Lyons

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Is there any way to organize Clubs on the Clubs index? My site has staff units (Executive Board, etc.) and also communities (Fighting Games Community, etc.) which are very different, but I am using the Clubs system for them. Could I organize them into two categories somehow?

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There are no categories for clubs.


You have other options though:

1. You can customize the clubs index template, which is outside the scope of support.

2. You can use custom fields, and define a new custom field for the "type" of club. That will allow users to filter clubs. This is usually the recommended alternative, since you can create multiple ways to filter.

3. You can be creative and go with a "simple and stupid" strategy.  For example, if you have two types of clubs, you can create two club covers in two different colors (eg. Orange and Purple).  Orange would designate staff unit.  Purple would designate a gaming unit.  Each club could still decorate the banner photo within your parameters.  

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