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Use clubs to prevent general activity stream clutter

Sledge FTB

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Hi all,

Just want to double check that I'm not stupid.

We have some popular boards within our forum that are not in line with our main subject (e.g. typical forum game topics or hobby topics). Our idea was to create one or more open clubs (Everyone can see the club and its posts, but only members can participate. Everyone can join.) to prevent general timeline pollution,
In other words, keep the main activity stream close to the main forum subject and people can join a club if they want to participate in such side-subjects. Once they join, the content will pop-up in their activity streams as well.

Well, that was my expected behavior, but such seems not the case. Content of public/open clubs is visible in all activity and can't be regulated by these settings, regardless if you joined the club or not 😞


To sum up;

  • Am I doing something wrong?
  • Is it worth a feature request?
  • Can I achieve my goal in any another way (closed or private club is not favorable, I like people free to join)


Thank you in advance!

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You're right @Joel R

But either the people interested in those subboards have to use custom streams, or all other people have to. 

To me it would be so beneficial to come together with clubs. Join open clubs of interest and posts are added to your default stream automatically..Step out of clubs if you have had enough and the clutter will be cleared from your stream. Anyway, that was my expected behaviour of clubs, guess I was wrong. 

Thank you for your reply Joel. 


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