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Statuses and clubs


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I have two suggestions:

  1. Disable the option which allows members to delete statuses on their own profile - there is no reason they will be able to delete it, so I suggest to add an option at the ACP maybe under statuses settings or maybe under group settings which allows to toggle it from on to off. Members might expoilt it to gain for example points at the members shop (for communities which has the members shop application). I will find it quite handy in my forums.
  2. Every time a member is submitting a comment or a topic in clubs - his content count is raising. Clubs are used for usually free talk between members, spams, and much more.
    What I suggest is to add also an option to toggle from on to off that the content count won`t be affected from posts in clubs. We have that option at forums settings, why not in clubs as well?

That`s all, thanks.

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Hi @DarkClaWz

Thanks for your suggestions.  It sounds like you're getting into the details of user permissions and content, which is great.  

For your first suggestion, this is already possible.  You can edit the Delete settings for each content item such as status updates.  In the ACP, go to the membergroup's settings, and click on the Content tab. 

You will need to click on Customize to expand the individual options.  


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Hey @Joel R

Thanks for your fast response!
About what you wrote about my first suggestion - it doesn`t work.
The member groups I am talking about doesn`t permission to delete own content at all - but they can delete every status published on their profile, even if it`s not them who published it.
I wish to cancel their option to delete statuses from their own profiles, it`s not necessary for my forums.

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On 8/3/2019 at 4:18 AM, Jennifer M said:

@DarkClaWz Be sure that they don't have a secondary group that has this permission as permissions are additive, not subtractive. If they don't have it enabled and it's not a permission in a secondary group you should submit a ticket for that.

I already did actually, they told me there is no option for disabling that, heres a quote:


There is no way in which to do this at the present time unfortunately. A members profile is always fully manageable by the member, including deleting of items.

So they told me to suggest it here.

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