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3 minutes ago, Joel R said:

This would require customization.  You can search on InvisionCommunity.com, where other members may have been able to achieve what you want.  

The template for the forum topic is used for all topics.  

which word I should to search? because I try but nothing

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On 7/31/2019 at 12:59 AM, Jennifer M said:

You'd create your WYSIWYG block in Pages. Then create your HTML block. This block you would apply the information in this guide:

There are other ways but if you're basing it off of location that's the best way to do it.

Hi, I created the block, custom/manual html, what is the code I can use to achieve the goal limiting the block url? 

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I mean if I place the block on a forum page, then show the block content only in the current forum page. 

Something like the Forum Sidebar plugin. The Forum Sidebar plugin don't work for me because that show the block below the forum content in mobile. 

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1 minute ago, Jennifer M said:

Hey @kmk did you go through the guide that I posted? That guide explains how to check for the path.

Yes, I try to understand but sorry I don't understand 😅

I created the block through Pages/block/custom/manual html

Then I don't know how to go next step... 

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