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Anyone have any experience with Lazy Loading or Storing Template Caches to disk with performance?




  • Performance

  • Cache sidebar, header and footer blocks
    For   weeks days hours minutes    
    For many blocks, getting the data every time the block needs to be shown can be bad for performance. This setting allows you to only reload the block after a set period of time.
    This means there will be a delay before the content of blocks is changed - for example, if you set this to 5 minutes, and you have a block showing the most recent topics, it may take up to 5 minutes for a new topic to show.
  • Lazy load media in content?
    Lazy loading is a technique whereby images, videos and embeds in content are not loaded until the user scrolls far enough to see them. This can improve page load times and reduce bandwidth.
  • Enable Automatic Polling?
    Invision Community will make automatic AJAX requests to your server to facilitate instant notifications, showing when a user has replied to content and other features. These requests are made in an efficient manner and the rate slows with the amount of time a user is inactive, but you may want to disable these features if you need to reduce the amount of requests to your server.
  • Enable template disk caching?
    Storing template caches to disk as executable files can save processing time and memory usage.
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