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How to let people assign their own role?

Hunter Lyons

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Is there any plugin or way I can allow people to assign themselves secondary roles? I'd like to be able to just have a link that people can click, which would assign them x y or z secondary role depending on what role ID or what have you that I put, but  I only want certain roles to be assignable like this for security purposes.

The reason is that I run a Gaming Club at my University, and we have tons of communities (sub-clubs that focus on specific genres), because we have 400+ members. I'm designing our home page (pictured below) and want to put links that people can click to join specific communities (that is, links that assign them x y or z role for that community).


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By default the user sign up to a member group, at the sametime let the user request to join to others communities or groups, but the request should be sent to related community moderators for aprouval. 

I need this feature too. 

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