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\IPS\Helpers\Table\Custom pagination issue

newbie LAC

Go to solution Solved by bfarber,

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		$data = array();
		foreach (range(1,100) as $r)
			$data[] = array(
				'field1' => 'value' . $r

		$table = new \IPS\Helpers\Table\Custom(
		$table->quickSearch = 'field1';

		\IPS\Output::i()->output = (string) $table;


Search by value11



This is also affect on built in functions

E.g. SQL toolbox



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On 7/29/2019 at 10:18 PM, bfarber said:

Thanks, I've added an internal bug report to get this checked into.

Your fix broke some my custom tables. I don't use quick search and pass to $dataSource X items returned for current page

Could you change this?

For example move

        $this->count = \count( $rows );
        $this->pages = ceil( $this->count / $this->limit );


        if ( $this->quickSearch !== NULL and \IPS\Request::i()->quicksearch )
            $quickSearchColumn = $this->quickSearch;
            $rows = array_filter( $rows, \is_callable( $this->quickSearch ) ? $this->quickSearch : function( $row ) use ( $quickSearchColumn )
                return mb_strpos( mb_strtolower( $row[ $quickSearchColumn ] ), mb_strtolower( trim( \IPS\Request::i()->quicksearch ) ) ) !== FALSE;
            } );

            // HERE


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12 hours ago, bfarber said:

Can you please clarify how I can see this (new) concern in action? When I use the SQL toolbox as an example, pagination seems to work normally.


20 hours ago, newbie LAC said:

Your fix broke some my custom tables.

I found bug during development application

Since you don't like custom code I ofund example (sql toolbox) in the Suite

For this I couldn't find code in the Suite

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15 hours ago, bfarber said:

Ok if you're not seeing an example in the Suite, can you at least outline/clarify what the new issue is that is occurring? Why does moving those lines up as you suggest resolve the problem? We may be able to test a quick contrived example that way.


I use some API


The limit is from 10 to 25. Default is 10

Output is

total: 250

results: list of items

I can't get more than 25 items. But I can use offset


The table 

$limit = 25;
$page = (isset(\IPS\Request::i()->page) and (\intval(\IPS\Request::i()->page) > 0)) ? \IPS\Request::i()->page : 1;
$offset = ($limit * ($page - 1));

$data = array(
	'results' => array(),
	'total' => 0,

	$data = \IPS\Http\Url::external('https://domain.tld/api')
				'k' => 'val',
				'limit' => 25,
				'offset' => $offset,
catch (\Exception $e) {}

$table = new \IPS\Helpers\Table\Custom($data['results'], $url);

$table->limit = $limit;
$table->pages = ceil($data['total'] / $limit);

250/25 = 10 pages

With your fix

		$this->count = \count( $rows );
		$this->pages = ceil( $this->count / $this->limit );

$this->count = \count( $rows ); // 25 (I pass 25 items)

$this->pages = ceil(25 / 25 ); // 1 page

Since I don't use quick search move the code inside condition resolve my issue

Edited by newbie LAC
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