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IPB? IPS? IPS Community Suite???

Hunter Lyons

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I remember a long time ago it was IP Board (IPB).

Then, as new products were added, it became the IP Suite which had many other products too.

Then it became the Invision Power Suite, I think?

But I was looking at my Client Area today, and saw that it is now called the IPS Community Suite -- so it's the Invision Power Suite Community Suite.

That seems real confusing. What is the correct way to refer to this software? I often refer friends or colleagues to it, and I'm not sure what its name is now.

And I 100% understand the different marketing changes, especially as the product has evolved -- but I think it could help to have more consistent branding.

When I talk to a lot of other community leaders, they often still call it IPB, and seem to think it stopped existing five years ago -- not realizing it's evolved into this.

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3 hours ago, Lyonharted said:

… so it's the Invision Power Suite Community Suite.

Nah. IPS is the company name. It doesn’t really matter what it stands or stood for. The Community Suite is the product name and you may or may not add the company name (like iPhone vs. Apple iPhone). If you talk to people who might not know the product, I would add it. 

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Confusing, right? 🙂 

As we’ve been around for nearly two decades, things have evolved and changed. When IPS was founded, there was really only one product to speak of - Invision Board (IBForums) - the company was legally formed as Invision Power Services, Inc. and the product was then called Invision Power Board (IPB.) As the product line evolved and licensing changed, we referred to the products collectively as “IPS Community Suite.” 

Some called us IPS, some called us IPB, some called us Invision - so when IPB was discontinued several years ago, we began branding as “Invision Community.” The parent company remains Invision Power Services (IPS) - we call the platform itself Invision Community. 

The package names in the client area is a fair point - we’ll get those updated. 

Thanks for your continued interest as well as your referrals. Hopefully this helps clear up our identity. 😉 


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