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I need to hire someone to help me with a failed upgrade

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1 year ago I had a failed upgrade and I didnt restore it because the forum is workiing fine.

I tried to move to invision cloud and they said that they will upgrade it, then found this problem.

"After performing further work on this, and proceeding, I was able to identify the issue here, you attempted an upgrade on 4/7/2018  04:11, in which case was partially ran, then stopped mid upgrade.  A restore was not completed of the database, so your database has been populated with IPS 4.x tables, with broken data.

There is a duplicate set of tables from your site in the database that have not been affected since the attempted conversion, we may be able to use those tables to perform a normal upgrade, however any data since 4/7/18 would be lost."

They have offered to provide a quote but said it will be very expensive, my guess is hiring a recommended individual will be better for me. I have posted it up upwork 5 minutes ago, is there anyone that someone can recommend for me?

Thank you

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