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PAID - Blog Categories & Tags


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I'd like to hire a developer to create categories and tags for blogs. I'm referring to the blog containers (that hold the posts) rather than the blog posts themselves. This would be similar to the Club Categories add-on or Pages categories. Specifications are:

1) Admin defines a list of categories (and subcategories) users can select for blogs

2) When a user creates a blog, they're required to select a category from the list.

3) A widget to display and sort by available categories. Initially all blogs are listed on the blog main page. Selecting a category from the list will show only blogs from that category. There should also be an, "All Blogs" option at the top of the list to reset the search.

  • For desktop, the categories will appear as a list (indented for subcategories) as a block in the right sidebar of the blog home page.
  • On tablet and mobile, the user can select from a drop-down that appears above the blog list in the main body of the page.

4) If possible, allow users to subscribe/follow blog categories. If a new blog is posted, they will receive an alert or email (just like other notifications). This refers to a new blog container being started, not an individual blog post.

5) Tags - allow users to add tags to their blog. (We use a closed tag system)

6) Also, would like for the admin to have the ability to choose how the blog entries are sorted within each category. For example, some blogs will actually be for chapter stories, so it doesn't make sense to sort them by the default (latest entry first). For these, we'd want the oldest entry (chapter one) listed first.

I don't mind funding the initial development so this can be released to the community. I think it's a much-needed feature and could really help others, as well. 🙂

Questions? Feel free to post them to this thread or PM me.

If you're interested in this job, please PM me with a time and cost estimate. I'm hoping to start this project asap.


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