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transport from dev to staging to prod

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we're looking into how to get away from performing open heart surgery on the production install and instead move changes across a staging setup before applying them to the live site. As IPS Community allows for lots of dynamic configuration via the GUI/database, I am wondering if there even is support for a fully file based, VCS friendly transport of configuration.

Ideally, we would like to deploy any change via a git checkout and import triggered by the CI/CD pipeline.

I am sure other people have looked into this topic already, but I could not find a good starting point in the docs / forum search. If someone could point me into the right direction, that'd be much appreciated.


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I have the same questions. Here is my query from May. Not one response.


Hopefully you will get a response, but I suspect, having worked with it for a little while, there there are very few, if any, people working with IPS in this way.

I also had this one that had a few more responses:




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How far you go down this road can impact what is doable.

Of course you can have a staging installation that you first apply your changes to, and then a live installation of your site. It is not at all uncommon, and you would generally make changes to staging, have people "sign off", and then copy those changes to production. In terms of the file system, that's easy enough with git (or similar techniques, such as rsync), however you are not going to be able to/want to share a database between the two. Firstly, you can't. If you upgraded a staging install to test the new version but ran into problems, then your live database is updated and is likely going to cause errors against the older set of files.

There really isn't an automated method that I can think of to copy things like "configuration changes" from staging to production. That side of things is going to require manual intervention.

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