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Database Rows/Names for Posts and Post Titles?


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What grass roots database table row/variable can I look at that contains post text?

And, gravy would be Post Title data?

Context is to check database data to figure out the last date of a post made to see how much data was lost during a migration.  Even though I had the forums off.  Or, any other ideas for how to do this easily.


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The actual text of a post in stored in the forums_posts table, in the field (column) titled post. The date the post was submitted is located in an adjacent field named post_date. (It's in UNIX timestamp format.)

Each post is associated to a Topic using the topic_id field, but the actual title of the topic in which that post is written is not stored in the forums_posts table. It's stored in the forums_topics table.

Cross-reference the topic_id field value from the forums_posts table, to the matching-number tid field in the forums_topics table.

The title of the Topic is stored in that row, in the field named title.

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The info I provided would be for IPS version 4 only.

Your database is using a prefix of ibf_ so the table names would all start with ibf_ like so: ibf_forums_posts ibf_forums_topics etc

That said.... what version of the IPS software is that database from?

It appears to be a mix of v4 and.... v3 (v2?).... tables. 


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