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Country Field flag!


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"Country Field flag" Was on the marketplace that was free to download and what I like about it as it will display on the profile's and profile post tabs with the flags of there country. I had it set nicly on my site and I liked it but now the plugin never works on the new updated version of IPB and ever since then I can not find anything else since then. 

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5 minutes ago, EmpireKickass said:

@newbie LAC I know about that, I had another pack that was free that was named.. Country Field



Not good idea giving link to site we don't like be named, but the plugin was deleted as the dev left ips in 2017.

"Some months back I shut down my site of seventeen years, thirteen of those years were with IPS. Since I no longer have need of IPS products I need to find my plugins new owners or to officially abandon them/remove them"


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