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Best Method to Restore Database


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I would almost certainly just SSH into the server and import the database at the command line.

mysql -h<host> -u<username> -p -D<databasename> < /path/to/dump.sql

Note that this is the basic general command, but you may need to adjust it (e.g. to set character sets, specify other information such as a port, etc.).

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2 hours ago, bfarber said:

set character sets

I want to emphasize that. I recently lost all my emojis during migration as my character set was not set to utf8mb4. I realized that two days later when my members have already added a good chunk of content in to the migrated db with broken emojis. 

What followed was a bit of nerve wracking, but very educational exercise in replacing the relevant rows and columns from the old database in to the new one.

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