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Attachments Issues specifically PDFs


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Attachments Issues specifically PDFs

Our forum recently converted to Invision and we do have a very large community.

I have searched high and low in the community for a way to display our PDFs (front cover) as we have a few hundred spread throughout our forum and can't find a solution nor a specific plugin.

At present our PDFs display a follows:


Its how to get the front cover to display on our forum

Next Question we have the facility to create flipbooks and feel this would be a fantastic addition to our forum but it is how to do this.

The best way to describe what I am trying to achieve is I found this community link:

(go to the very last post community regular @fix3r gave a link so I had a look at his link and there it was exactly what I have been looking to do on our forum)

or see this link: https://www.mymilitia.com/intel/nomenclature/radio-operators-handbook-r266/

Please bear in mind I am no expert in this area so if there is a step by step on how to do these or any plugin ideas it would be gratefully appreciated.

Can I just say thanks to the community for your help

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Thanks everyone for your help it is appreciated,


@fix3r, thanks for your suggestion may see about giving it a try to see what happens we are still getting used to invision and the different setting.


Again thanks everyone. 


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On 7/20/2019 at 3:53 PM, fix3r said:

I bought the media uploader and it did not work for what i wanted to do,

OP What you have to do is add the pdf to a directory on your server then create a custom button on the editor limited to admin only



then use pdfjs script to display file


Can you detail the solution step-by-step? 

I would like to show the pdf directly through the post when members upload a pdf. 

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1 hour ago, fix3r said:

you have ftp access and only the person with ftp access can embed them because you have to post the path to the pdf on your server for it to show

It is difficult to me, and I don't have need to do only for some pdf documents. 

But I'm glad you intent to help me. Thanks🙂

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