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Limit conversations to certain groups.

Black Tiger

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It would be nice (certainly for some forums) if there was a limitation to who can send conversations to certain groups.

For example enable conversations, but choose if people can or can not send a conversation to an admin or moderator group.

It would also be good that if an admin sends a conversation to a user that this user can reply to the conversation, just not start a conversation to admin group or moderator group.

This way it's more easy for certain forums to be not disturbed by some groups.

I know there is a mod out for this, but with this mod the user can't reply either. Next to that I think it would be a good build in feature for Invision.


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Similar to how a Club (GROUP) should work..... 😉

Related to a couple other posts I've seen.

Invision Community suite is currently for only one group of people who all can tolerate each other. 

Want a different "group" community.... get a different URL and start over.

The software cannot handle Satanists and Christians on the same URL.

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