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Limit conversations to certain groups?

Black Tiger

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For a support forum it's sometimes very annoying when users are starting conversations with admins and/or mods sometmies (pm's).

Isn't there some option, that you configure for example who can send you private messages (conversations)?

Like for example if you are an admin, that other admins and moderators (and maybe another choosen group) can send you messages, but normal users can not, or can only reply to conversations send to them?


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@opentypeSeperate forums is a nice workaround but it's not quite the same as a person to person conversation. Thanks for the tip.

I'll put it in as a feature request anyway.

Thank you @Adriano Faria. I will point it out to the admin of that forum.

Don't know if he's going to buy it though, because all those mod costs are starting to cost a small capital in the mean time.


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