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How Capable is Forum 4.4.4 using Drop Downs.

Bob Snow

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How Capable is Forum 4.4.4  when using drop downs.
I am brand-new.  Worse than a newbie.  That being said, here is my need.  Currently I have 2 tabs, Browse & Activity, on HomePage.  Before I get locked up into a lot of time that doesn't go anywhere I like to ask how this works. The 2 tabs on the HomePage and how they currently appear on my Forum.

Browse:  Forms Drop Down Menu,  Forms,  Downloads,  Blogs,  Staff,  Online Users,  Leaderboard
Activity:   All Activity,  My Activity Streams,  Unread Content,  Content| Started,  Search

I have been playing around a bit so I might've put things where they don't belong such as Drop Down Menus. Listed below are my issues, 1, 2, 3.

  1. Can I have more than Browser &  Activity?  I would like to have 3 or 4 additional tabs.  On the row that list such items as "Downloads, Logs, Staff",  which are on the Activity tab,  I would like to list my forums  such as "Builder, Sub, SC".
  2. On the Browser tab I would like to add a couple more Forums in place of  "Unread Content Search".
  3. On the Browser tab  I also want to place a "Subdivision" tab in place of "Blog, Staff, On-Line Users".

So before I get too heavy into my needs I was hoping to find out if this is possible. Also are there any tutorials on this subject matter.




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