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Suggestions for Club improvements


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I launched Clubs to my community this week. Some quick feedback:

  • When a person joins a Club, there should be a mechanism to allow them to get their groups changed (ie, get a secondary group assigned to them)
  • Likewise, when a person leaves a club, they should lose that group label. 
  • There should be a way to Bulk Mail members of one or more Clubs. 
  • It would be nice if Clubs had the option of adding a public forum, and a private (members-only forum). Right now you can't have both, as the visibility of the forum depends on the visibility of the Club itself. The use case is that some of our Open Clubs would like a public-facing board, and then a private, members-only one. 


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I'll also add a couple:

  • ability to email all club owners from bulk mail with a filter like gallery album owners
  • condensed forum index view as an option, show clubs as sub forums on forum index when setting to show across community is on. 
  • merge clubs and pick owners
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A couple more:

  • Let members invite, at the moment only leaders can.
  • Apply " Increase Content Counts?" to clubs also, not only forums. (Postings in closed clubs does not contribute to the general content and should not count.)


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